Valley View Therapeutic Massage - Services - Yukon, OK
30 Minute Massage $35.00 
Therapeutic massage involving upper torso of the body, neck, shoulders, back and arms.

1 Hour  Therapeutic Massage $65.00
Therapeutic massage incorporating one or more of the following modalities to ease pain, discomfort and promote relaxation to the muscles and joints: Deep Tissue, Swedish, Acupressure, Sports Massage.
Hot Stone Massage  $85.00 
Specialty massage where  smooth, heated, Lava Stones are used as an extension of  the  therapist's hands to massage, or by placing the hot stones on the body to ease tension and promote relaxation to the muscles.


Reflexology Feet:  $40.00
Therapeutic massage of the feet to  relieve pain by stimulating reflex zones  on the feet that correspond to  other areas of the body. 

Reflexology Hands: $30.00   
Therapeutic massage of the hands to stimulate reflex zones of the body to relieve pain and discomfort

Facial $40.00
Therapeutic facial massage to relieve stress, headaches, sinus congestion.  

* Facial with my itworks products $20 in addition

Purchase 4 one hour sessions and get 5th half price @ $295
(savings of $30)
Purchase 9 one hour sessions at $580, get 10th session Free of charge

* All package deals can be shared between family and friends

(405) 808 4441 
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